Andee Sellman

Andee SellmanFounding Principal

Andee is a trusted business advisor and qualified accountant.

Andee has over 30 years of experience running businesses in a variety of countries, cultures and industries.

He was the Finance Director of a 7 billion business (BTR Nylex) at age 35 and CEO of a 1 billion business (BTR Laminates) at age 40. He left the corporate world at age 43 in Oct 2000 to setup a boutique consulting and coaching business called One Sherpa.

He has a proven track record in developing businesses through organic growth and has significant experience in the integration of major acquisitions.

Andee has become a trusted business advisor and consultant by adapting his vast experience from the corporate world to the world of business owners and developing and using business tools that increase effectiveness.

Andee wrote a book in 2002 called ‘Where’s the Money Gone?’ after talking with business owners and realising this was a question on the lips of many of them.

The book formed the basis for development of an intuitive KPI dashboard called The Financial Fence® and the book has sold over 11,000 copies.

The Financial Fence® is a one page colour coded strategic view of the finances of any business. It is used extensively in coaching and consulting with clients to very quickly understand the strategic financial position of a business. From this viewpoint it becomes much easier to work out and implement the development path for a business.

Andee realised that often business owners do not want to talk about their finances and can get into a significant place of denial about them. In order to understand business owners better, he set out on finding a behavioural tool which could be used ‘build a bridge’ into a business owners world.

After using MBTI personally during corporate life, he wanted something that gave a much more in depth view of a person and the relationships with others in their business. After using a product called Right Path for several years, he settled on Business DNA and became an accredited deliverer of that tool.

Andee has developed a unique way of debriefing with this tool which takes a client on a journey of Validation and Discovery. This tool has become the foundation of the behaviour work for One Sherpa which extends to assistance in recruitment and outplacement, team development, succession planning and business coaching.

Andee has been married to Fran for over 30 years and has two adult children; Dean and Stefanie.