How can I get more momentum in my business?

Many small business owners start their business hoping they will make it a success but after a while find that gaining momentum and making profits is not as easy as they first thought.

In today’s Vlog, we look at three areas to focus on to ensure that all your hard work doesn’t just go up in a puff of smoke.

The Vlog series comes from One Sherpa an online global membership community dedicated to helping small business owners succeed and prosper.

The series is filmed on location around Melbourne, Australia and answers questions commonly asked by small business owners.

This video is filmed from Kurth Kiln Lake and answers the question ‘How can I get more momentum in my business?’

About Andee Sellman

Andee is Founder & CEO of One Sherpa, and a trusted business advisor and qualified accountant. After two decades of experience running businesses in different countries, cultures and industries, he specialises in combining financial communication with human behaviour, which assists with better personal and organisational performance.

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