One Minute Business Checkup

PLEASE NOTE: The One Minute Business Checkup service is now closed. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Do you like going to the dentist?
Most of us don’t. However if you never have had a dental check-up there may be decay happening and next thing you know you have a toothache!

Do you run regular financial checkups on your business?
Often we have this forced on us by external people like the tax department. GST and income tax returns are a form of check-up, except that they don’t give you any real management information. All they do is help you work out what tax is payable.

Doing a financial check-up on your business is very like going to the dentists for a check-up. There’s pain involved whether you need any dental work of not.

Imagine this – The dentist looks in your mouth and says:

“Great news… nothing to do and here‘s a bill for today.”


“Wow there’s a lot to do there; you’ll need to come back again.”

Either way, you end up with the financial pain of paying for the check-up.

We understood this and wanted to bring a FREE checkup service for business owners so they would at least go through the pain of doing the check-up without a financial cost.

One Minute Business Checkup has been designed to allow you, the business owner to quickly do a check-up on your business FOR FREE. Yes that’s right, a free service to see how well you’re going.

If you would like to run your business better financially then send us your inquiry to or call out toll free line 1300 743 772