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You must be rich!

I was recently in Cambodia talking with a group of small business owners and made the following remark.

“When you tell people that you have your own business they always think you’re rich.”

They all sheepishly agreed but often felt hurt because they wished they were rich BUT seemed to be always struggling.

Many small business owners are misunderstood and struggling with no one to talk to about it.

That’s the reason for our One Sherpa online community.

To encourage and empower small business owners who want to be rich and find where the money is hiding in their business.

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Other People’s Perspective – The Great Accelerator in Business

When was the last time you reached out to someone and asked for help?

Have you been pushing people away without realising that they are genuinely trying to help you?

Have you become so convinced that you know your business so well it’s difficult to find someone who really understands and can help you?

In my life I have learned that getting other people’s perspective on things can be the most important accelerator in my business.

So why have I often not been intentionally looking for people to input into my world.

Basically it’s that word PRIDE. And I’ve found that when pride is present I can often be locked out of good thought and input from others.

Please understand me; a healthy sense of pride is important in any business so that things are done excellently, but when it get’s exaggerated it can lock you away from the input of others.

Climbing the mountain to the pinnacle of success is not a ‘go alone’ exercise.

It requires the help of others and requires you to remain open and welcoming to the input from those around you who often care for you more than you realise.

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Fear – the great paralyser in business

I have an ingenious way of working out whether you might have a fear issue around money.

Picture yourself standing in front of an ATM machine.

You have deposited money into your account and are certain that you have funds to withdraw.

However the bank has made an error and your account has been frozen. You go to make a withdrawal of $100 cash and the machine comes back and says “Insufficient funds.”

What goes through your head?

What emotions are running in your body?

When I went through this role play FEAR was the overriding emotion!

When FEAR is strong it can have a paralysing effect as well.

I would probably have stood there not believing it was true and unable to do something about it immediately.

Although this is an exaggerated exercise everyone at times has fear enter their world through uncertain circumstances.

Maybe it’s about putting up prices?
Maybe it’s about losing a contract?
Maybe it’s about losing a valued employee?

At the bottom of these situations is often a negative financial situation and as a result the lack of money can bring fear into your world.

The antidote to this is realising that the world isn’t coming to an end as a result; even if it feels like it.

Having an overall sense of your business health and how the financial part works will bring a higher degree of certainty to your situation and with that you can be more future confident.

These situations then become mere bumps on the road to success.

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What coloured day are you having? (PART 4)

Today we’re talking about a GREEN day.

I personally love GREEN days because they often set the direction for great future SKY BLUE days. If you never step back from your business and look in from the outside then you can find yourself caught in a vortex of day to day running which can overwhelm you over time.

GREEN days are the days when we do strategy and forward thinking. They’re when we work ‘on the business’ and have a day off from working ‘in the business.’ Sound great?

Having a day off?

They are great but you simply can’t have one every day because the business can’t run itself while you’re having a day off!

GREEN days need to be planned wisely and preferably in advance. Get your business ready for you to have a GREEN day. Make sure you have plenty of good solid SKY BLUE and ORANGE days before you have a GREEN day. Otherwise your great GREEN day will quickly turn into a black day.

Our GREEN day happens once a quarter when Lindsay (my business partner) and I go to the top of Mount Dandenong and spend a day working on the next quarter’s goals and objectives. There is a restaurant there and we can reserve a table looking out over the whole of Melbourne and its surrounds for the day. We only have to pay for drink and food for the day so we get great surroundings to do this at an affordable cost.

This sets the tone for a great GREEN day each quarter and one that we both look forward to. It is a day of accountability to each other, accountability to the goals and objective’s of the last quarter and the pleasure of planning what we’re going to achieve in the next quarter. A great GREEN day for One Sherpa.

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What coloured day are you having? (PART 3)

Today we’re talking about an ORANGE day. Every one has to work on administration in their business. It’s a part that many people don’t enjoy and often leave it up to others.

They don’t really delegate it. They simply give it to someone else and hope that it goes away. More often than not this does not lead to a good result. If you are delegating administration to others then you’ll still need to check that it is done correctly and you should also review the results and reports produced to make sure you know what is actually going on in your business.

My suggestion is that you do this on a particular day of the week. Set aside a day, or half day when you say to yourself ‘I’m having an ORANGE day today.’ This will help you focus on a job many business owners don’t like doing. So what happens when we have no ORANGE days?

A black one is just around the corner because your business will get into a mess administratively and then something major will go wrong because you forgot to do something.

May be the phone or power gets cut off
or you get a letter from the tax department
or you get an eviction notice from your landlord because you forgot to pay the rent.

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